Episode 24: Lucy Walker

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in year of polygamy

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Join Lindsay for the primer series on Mormon Polygamy that will begin with the wives of Joseph Smith and eventually broaden to contemporary strains of the practice today. This episode deals with Lucy Walker. Links mentioned in this podcast:

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  • Merradyth Trunnell McCallister


    Enjoyed listening. Great work ladies!!

    My Grandmother Agusta Fredrika Youngberg was secretary to Pres Heber J Grant in his business and close friends with his daughters, family. He gave her land to build a house in Salt Lake City area whe she was married. Some say she was a secret plural wife.

    There is a section about her in the biography of Heber J Grant by Steven Hinckley. She was born without her left hand, yet she was an excellent stenographer and typist.

    She always told stories about him to me. My Dad would say that a nice car from the church would come and rpick her up from time to time to go visit. One time Heber J Grant came to the house to talk to Grandma when my Dad was a boy. He was all dressed up in golfing clothes and hat…knicker pants. My dad was her youngest child and his name was Heber J also.

    Grandma was married to Bradley James Trunnell in SLC, had 5 children and had emigrated from Sweden at 11 with her widowed mother. G


  • Lyndsay


    Just discovered today that my husband’s great great grandfather, William Walker, gave consent for his sister, Lucy Walker, to marry Joseph Smith. Of course I had to come and listen to your podcast about her. 🙂


  • delayne tate


    this is a very enjoyable series. you should someday soon put it into book form.
    by the way my great grandfather had three wives in Norway. My grandfather was married and had nine children when he prepared to move to Short Creek., but the eldest son told him could go but the rest of the family would be staying where they were. My grandfather believed in Brigham’s preaching of the Adam God doctrine and was kicked out of the church. All this was a family secret and i did not know about it until i was about 30 years old. amen


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