Episode 21: Joseph Smith’s Progeny

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in year of polygamy

Join Lindsay for the primer series on Mormon Polygamy that will begin with the wives of Joseph Smith and eventually broaden to contemporary strains of the practice today. This episode deals with the children and alleged children of Joseph Smith Jr.. Links mentioned in this podcast:

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  • Riki D Thoreson- Schaefer


    Very interesting. I put a lot of time and effort into finding our relatives because we are all one family. And especially reassuring that I’m related to not only royalty but to my black co worker.As for the reorganized church perhaps a decade ago I sat next to the son of their last prophet by descendancy. He had refused and was on his way to open up a restaurant in Santa Cruz. It is important that a prophet be called of God.
    Finding his descendants would definitely be interesting as both my husband and I are descended from Lucretia Taylor who is also an ancestor of Joseph and John. Of course my friends from the Arab world and the islands and Africa are not shocked about polygamy. But yes I think the world should be run by women too:)
    I am grateful for all the good that our church does. And I Love How brave both Emma and Joseph were.


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