Episode 26: Helen Mar Kimball

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in year of polygamy

Join Lindsay for the primer series on Mormon Polygamy that will begin with the wives of Joseph Smith and eventually broaden to contemporary strains of the practice today. This episode deals with Helen Mar Kimball. Links mentioned in this podcast:

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  • liz johnson


    First of all – I love this series! Thank you so much for continuing to do it.

    Second! My great-great grandmother (an early Mormon) was named Vilate. She pronounced it Vuh-LATE. Not sure if that’s helpful (or a universal pronunciation), but I thought I’d throw it out there!


  • Amy


    Thank you for all of your hard work and research! You are awesome!

    I second Liz’s pronunciation. Vilate Kimball is my great, great, great, great grandmother. We have always pronounced it Vil-LATE with a hard A and silent E.


  • Minderellah


    I’m so glad to hear a somewhat happy ending to the apologetic story I heard as a child of the 14 year-old wife. To know her name, her thoughts, and her journey is exactly as you say – important. I’m so glad she got to marry a man she wanted and have the joy of children. What a strong woman! Thank you.


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