Episode 64: Hannah Tapfield King -English Poetess

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  • jeanikins


    Wonderful! I was sobbing while listening to Hannah’s words. She had no idea what was coming in her life while she was living in relative luxury in England. Despite the 100 or so years between Hannah and I, the story is so similar in so many ways (except for the aristocracy part).
    I believe that I too suffered with religiosity. I had such dramatic hopes of serving the Lord in out of the ordinary ways. I romantically dreamed of teaching about him in ‘darkest Africa’ so when I was called to serve a mission there in 2002, I felt that my childhood dream was known to the Lord and the prophet. I loved Jesus so much I even dreamed about him. I would have done anything for him and constantly worried that I might be doing things that displeased him.

    I chose at age 12 to be confirmed in the Church of England; not to please anyone but God – my family were not church ‘goers’ but rather ‘senders’. It was nice for mum and dad to send the kids off to Sunday School so they might have a bit of peace.

    I longed for my father’s acceptance and love and joining the church did nothing to bring that to pass.
    I had an adventurous spirit anyway, so I immigrated to Zion – anything across the Atlantic was Zion to me.

    I wrote a dramatic poem called A Pioneer about my own journey to the promised land.

    Megan did a wonderful job of reading Hannah’s words. I love Megan and her British accent is more pronounced than my own.


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