Episode 34- Fanny Young

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in year of polygamy

Join Lindsay for the primer series on Mormon Polygamy that will begin with the wives of Joseph Smith and eventually broaden to contemporary strains of the practice today. This episode deals with Fanny Young. Links mentioned in this podcast:

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  • Minderellah


    What a tragic story. Unfortunately, people who are in need of medical care in some form or another continue to be victim-blamed like this today. I wish the church culture would get out of its historical mentality.


    • MormonHermit


      You “wish the church culture would get out of its historical mentality.”? That is usually a convenient argument used when uncomfortable facts are brought forward. Otherwise people love historical accounts. Well, truth is not always pretty. But we should never shy away from the truth! Truth fears no investigation. I find that people who make those kinds of comments are usually afraid of learning truth which is difficult to take! We just have to deal with the facts.


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