Episode 55: Emmeline Free- Brigham’s “Abandoned Pet”

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in year of polygamy


Join Lindsay as she interview genealogist Corey Horward about one of Brigham Young’s most beloved wives, Emmeline Free.

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  • Linda


    Well done podcasts Lindsay! Such an amazing effort. Is it possible for all the Year of Polygamy (plus any others) be on Itunes? At the moment there are only about 40. Thanks


  • Cappy5


    This is a bit off topic but may make for an interesting podcast to add to your series.

    Emmeline’s niece was Susannah Norton. Susannah was also known as Sadie Noble. Sadie was a Madame and ran a brothel house in salt lake in the 1880s and 1890s.

    Jeff Nichols, a professor at Wesminister College, wrote a book about the dichotomy between polygamy and prostitution in SLC in the late 19th Century. I think it would be an interesting topic.


  • Susan Brown


    Interesting. Just found out I am related to her.


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