Episode 39: Early Utah Period Polygamy

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in year of polygamy

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  • Paul


    Love this series. Polygamy is such a bizarre practice that makes me cringe, especially the more I learn.

    I have told my wife that even if Pres. Tommy Monson called me personally and asked me to live this, I would totally say NO and would be out of the church that instant.

    I’m sure that there is a stereotype of men that we are all interested in having many relationships (especially of the sexual kind), but very seriously, this creeps me out. I also don’t feel that it is my role to spread my DNA far and wide and have many children. I value my relationship with the 4 children I do have, and find it hard to spend time enough with them and be an important part of their lives. I can’t imagine trying to live up to the church and priesthood expectations (and teachings) of being a good father if I had dozens of children spread far and wide.

    It is amazing to me that as I near 60 yrs old that either I didn’t pay attention or hadn’t really considered the polygamy and polyandry of Joseph Smith. This is just one of the many things that I have considered in just the past few years that have led me to becoming pretty much a NOM. I stay since I hear so many painful stories about family problems, divorce, etc., and at my age, it isn’t worth it. I don’t talk about it but with a couple of very close, trustworthy friends. My family does know that I am fairly liberal in my views, however, and (GASP), I NEVER wear a white shirt to church!

    I was thrilled that when my daughter married, she did not do it in the temple. I told her that I was happy for her marriage, and that it meant a lot to me to be able to walk her down the aisle with my wife on one side and I one the other. It was a lovely wedding for the many guests that attended; church leaders, LGBT friends, people with tatoos,non-members, etc. Sigh…I wish it would change in the US to allow this instead of the temple rhetoric.

    Thanks again for all your great work on this. I am such a strong feminist, (If I can be so bold as to be characterized as such) more than I realized until recently. I am all for women being ordained and serving along side men in mixed leadership roles. I love the Community of Christ model of the Q12 and Bishoprics.


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