Episode 58: Ann Gordge- The Mormon Calamity Jane

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in year of polygamy

  Join Lindsay as she discusses the fantastic and gruesome autobiography of the youngest wife of John D. Lee, Ann Gordge.  This episode contains strong themes of violence and listener discretion is advised.     Links mentioned in this podcast:

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  • Cheyanne


    Thanks for being so frank about the LDS’ (and Utah in general) relationship with race and racism. I love your podcast!


  • Kathryn Thompson


    I just came across your Web casts and wondering if you’re still broadcasting them. I’m a descendant of Gardner Godfrey Potter of the Parrish Potter Murders in Springville in March of 1857. I’ve fully researched this incident, but because of the embarrassment of him being treated, and buried as an Apostate, in an unmarked, unknown gravesite, family did not leave behind any location or date after he was murdered. It’s my last wish to find his burial site, that I think someone has information of. I’ve made a written request to the Church Historical Dept but received information for what I already know, and will probably be the last I’ll ever recieve from them concerning this incident. You seem to have access to many histories not seen elsewhere, and I’m going to every outside sources I can contact to try and find this information or help. Thank you for your time and all your efforts towards our mutual mormon history. K Thompson


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