Interview with Mormon Stories About the Year of Polygamy Podcast

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in year of polygamy

In case you missed it! Lindsay Hansen Park discusses her podcast with Mormon Stories podcast host John Dehlin. Visit their site here.

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  • Megan


    Hi Lindsay,

    Just wanted to say thanks for all you do/did. I relate a lot to what you are saying. Your journey and thought processes. Your view on allowing ppl to be complex. Even the ppl pleasing.. I appreciate it and it gives me hope that one day I’ll be able to tell my immediate family I am no longer a TBM. I had secretly hoped while listening to your first podcast that you might somehow save Mormonism and Joseph Smith for me, even though I already rejected him/plural teachings. This is better and maybe one day I will be an independent Mormon outwardly too. Your Friend​ in Minnesota

    PS: are you an INFJ in the MBTI personality assessment? 🙂


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