Episode 93: The Pacific Island and Mormon Polygamy

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in year of polygamy

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  • Doug


    I worked as a labor and dleeviry in a local hospital in Arizona in the 1980 s. The local mormons often brought their second wives or the sister wives in to deliver their babies. A married couple would come in with a YOUNGER gal,ready to deliver . The hospital was run by old Mormon families in the area. We nurses were told this would be a private adoption situation. Don’t call a social worker, etc. The husband and wife would coach the young girl through labor, help with the baby then they would all go home together.Polygamy was certainly still being practiced in Mesa, Arizona! I also lived in a neighborhood where our Mormon neighbor had an estate with two houses built on it. There were separate wings in each house for his MANY children and the women taking care of them. He recently passed away and the folks who bought his acreage knocked down the houses with wings to build a single family home. Now, in this country, you are permitted to cohabitate, and some common law partners are even given benefits such as health care. So, being officially married to one woman and having 2 or 3 more living in our home and bearing your children is not illegal,right?It’s when the young gals are forced into it that i see the legal issues. And from what i saw, a lot of these sister wives were under the age of 18, sometimes on their 2nd or third baby!It’s a strage world , that’s for sure. I’m all for protecting our children.Let grown ups do as they will.But protect the young women. +3Was this answer helpful?


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