Episode 164: Mormon Women, Sexuality, and Reproduction (Part One)

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in year of polygamy

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  • Brittany Chiniquy


    I’ve loved almost every podcast I’ve listened that you have produced Lindsay, but this one is probably my favorite. Thank you Christina and Sara for your fabulous insight on this subject. I find it very interesting how much of a connection there was within the community of women, and also relation to heavenly mother that I find poetic and beautiful, that seems to have been lost. The whole podcast is amazing. Thanks for continuing to broaden my understanding on a subject I love so much. Mormonism is fascinating.


  • Tom Bennett


    I’m thankful that Utah still has amazing midwives. I just sent this podcast to ours. I don’t know why men have any place in women’s reproductive services ( gynocology, child birth) short of the father being their when the baby is born and helping with everything after. It’s interesting to hear those early views on sexuality, though they don’t surprise me. I wonder how long cultures will vilianize sex? I liked the quote “mirroring the work of their divine Mother.” I have never heard that quote and love to hear Heavenly Mother talk. Id love to hear about podcast with all that we know about Heavenly Mothers. That “parent earth” thing was new to me, i love that.


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