Episode 153: Turning the Mic on Lindsay

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in year of polygamy

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  • Orlene


    I loved listening to this podcast… And I have only just begun listening to the earlier ones. I am a sixth generation Mormon and had my own faith crisis about 25 years ago where I just immersed myself in the study of historical Mormonism. I’m a marriage and family therapist and I have been asked to go up to Hilldale to join Some colleagues who are working with women as they are dealing with their day-to-day issues. Some of them were severely abused, I’ve been told… I will be going up there with very little knowledge of what life has been like for them. I will listen to as many of your podcasts as I can between now and my first visit. I am still a member of the church, but I find it hard to even justify for myself why I have not asked to be removed from the church records. Is there anything about Mormonism that you still believe in?


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