Episode 151: Daughter of a Prophet; Liz Phillipps and the AUB

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in year of polygamy

Join Lindsay as she interviews Elizabeth Phillipps who grew up in the AUB. Liz’s father is Lynn A. Thompson, the current leader of the Apostolic United Brethren (or AUB).  

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  • Jonathan Timpson


    Yet another great podasct from Year of Polygamy. Please keep them coming. My wife and I listend to this episode on the way down to the creek on Thursday night. I have never understood the “telling lies” part of our culture thing. I kinda lied to when i was a kid growing up with a humongous family. But overall the reason I’m commenting today is becaus I want Lindsay to interview my grandmother. I think it would make for a fantastic episode. ☺


  • LH


    This podcast was very interesting. I appreciate the work that goes into them and I liked hearing Elizabeth’s perspective. I just wanted to clarify. I happen to know quite a bit about the current “split” in the AUB since I’m part of it and I wanted to say that although many people were bothered by the worthy senior being bypassed not just once with Lynn T. but also with LaMoine J., that isn’t what caused the split. Elizabeth did touch on it but I wanted to make it clear that the split was caused by the fact that Lynn T. has had multiple people accuse him of sexual abuse, was found to be misusing tithing funds over a decade ago and has never been held accountable for any of it. When he became the leader, many people sought some sort of resolution but what sealed the deal for many was the fact that he said God told him he did not have to submit himself to any questioning or investigation by the church. He was put there by God and only God could remove him. And the entire council backed him up. Those who can’t support him are trying to figure out what to do. Many still believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many still believe there’s a work to be done but don’t know where to turn. Many are polygamists who have no real home in the main stream church even if they wished to go there. It’s a big mess and it’s not just because people got their feelings hurt.


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