Episode 150: Polygamist Therapist and Aspiring Sister Wife

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in year of polygamy

  Join Lindsay as she interviews Mary Ellen Crase about her journey into fundamentalism and being a therapist to many in polygamous communities. Links mentioned in this podcast:

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  • KNJ


    Just wanted to comment on how much I enjoyed this interview. I wonder if one of the reasons Mary Ellen didn’t have the typical reaction many women do on learning about polygamy in the LDS church is because she wasn’t married? For a lot of women (especially raised in the church, TBM women) the negative reaction is tied to the expectation that plural marriage is an inevitability, regardless of our feelings about it.
    I found it a painful topic of conversation when I was just a teenager considering a theoretical husband in a theoretical future. It was excruciating (at least for me) when I was standing next to a man I love and adore, faced with the truth that my faith expects me to cheerfully submit to my husband dividing his love and devotion between myself and an unnamed number of other women. Refusing to submit means risking being set aside or damnation. A husband and wife who are both excited about adding more wives to their family is one thing, but I find the coercive and punishing nature of such an expectation from the faith I grew up in so incredibly damaging.

    Anyway, I loved Mary Ellen’s bright personality and enthusiasm.


  • Dot


    Thank you for doing this Lindsay. I am a convert, non-American, who would not have joined the church had I known about Polygamy. I think I understand why someone growing up in the mormon culture, going through some serious abuse, and single with kids, may be OK with going into a family of polygamists.

    I certainly admire Mary Ellen’s guts and spirit, and wish her love and acceptance. But the Mormon fundamentalist culture gives me the shivers. And the longer I am away from LDS thought, the healthier I feel.

    I don’t often comment (being an outsider!) but your series, along with mormon stories, helped me to not go off my head.

    Love and grace to you and your work.


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