Episode 135: A Blessing, a Confirmation

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in year of polygamy

valentine Join Lindsay as she interviews American historian Ben Park who talks about the exciting and shocking confirmation of Joseph Smith’s polygamy found in a blessing given to Sarah Ann Whitney by Joseph Smith and written in his own hand.   Links mentioned and read in this podcast:

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  • Phillip


    Talk about chasing your tail.
    This whole podcast is ridiculously fabricated by the Young era, as well as this modern era that seeks to continue the fabrication. You use the terms possibly, or not original docs, arguably, etc.

    Wait. do you agree with those docs that are saying Jesus dad was a Roman soldier. (not God)
    Or how about the researchers saying that Jesus was married?
    Wow. Your built up dramatization is of Hollywood proportions, all be it of the Kardashian type.


    • Benj


      Awesome podcast, keep up the good work!


    • Elder Van Halen


      I’m not sure what you mean by the “Young Era,” but I thought this podcast was another great one on this site, bringing data and evidence from several trusted places including the LDS Church’s Joseph Smith Papers Project. I makes me consider the similarities of the use of the use of power by people like Joseph Smith and Harvey Weinstein.

      As the headlines have unfolded about the allegations of Harvey Weinstein and his sexual harassment or assault of young Hollywood actresses in our day, I have wondered about how Joseph Smith approached his use of power and the introduction of polygamy as a Young Prophet of the newly established Mormon Church in the 1830’s and early 1840’s.

      Both men promised young girls something that was beyond their reach to obtain on their own. Break-through parts in film opportunities with potential for large sums of money and celebrity, or salvation for themselves and their families. In the end, I don’t see any difference.

      Thanks Lindsay for your great podcasts and guest historians that shed light on so many interesting stories about our Mormon beginnings!


  • Wayne Reeves


    How wonderful that we have a WRITTEN physical document in Joseph Smith’s handwriting indicating his plural marriage to Sarah Ann Whitney. Later she is “sealed” for time only to Heber C. Kimball under the Levirate Law of Marriage wherein the adopted sealed sons of Joseph Smith take Joseph’s wives to raise up seed up unto Joseph Smith. It was this doctrinal understanding that was at the foundation of Heber J. Grant’s claim that he is the son of Joseph Smith. Isn’t it interesting that there is so much “prejudice” and “persecution” against those who live the Principle of Plural Marriage, as a sacred religious principle of which many of us have a fervent and passionate testimony. Yet, there is a societal demand that we respect those who are of the LGBTQ knowing what the Scriptures have to say about homosexuals. We LOL to see the obvious dichotomy and realize that prophesies are being now fulfilled.


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