Episode 116: Frontier Massacres

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in year of polygamy

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  • CZanne


    A correction: Brenda and Erica Wright were murdered by Allen Lafferty’s brothers. Her spouse, Allen, appears to have had no involvement; his alibi was considered solid. If Allen knew Ron and Dan were planning to murder Brenda, he didn’t appear to believe them. Likely, he’s guilty of being a poor judge of character, influenced by the elder brothers he was socialized from birth to respect, and failing to believe what must have sounded like hyperbole or maybe delusion. Which is no consolation for the Wrights or Allen himself.

    Please don’t forget Susan Cox and Braden and Charlie Cox Powell. While the elder Powell family had left the orthodox LDS church, it’s clear Steve’s beliefs were influenced by the worst aspects of polygamy and misogyny, and Josh acted within the context of the patriarchal ownership of women and children. Nor must we absolve the mainstream church; the ward and stake’s failure to recognize emotional abuse, take Susan seriously and protect Susan, Braden and Charlie were contributing factors. When wards and stakes fail to believe women, fail to support women by helping them move or evict an abusive partner, fail to respect that the person experiencing abuse is the best witness, the wards and stakes are complicit in perpetuating abuse.

    Both of these incidents are examples of LDS’ failure to recognize and counter domestic violence within the community. By teaching a vicious form of toxic masculinity, we fail to equip the totality of the membership with the tools to form healthy partnerships and to maintain them. When we condone abuse by ignoring domination and violence, we create an environment in which it thrives. That’s not pro-family.


  • joe geisner


    CZanne thank you for your thoughtful and insightful comments. You nailed the toxic masculinity and I believe polygamy is the major cause. Even with Mark Hofmann who despised polygamy, it was his mother’s parents New Plural Marriage that was a major cause for his hate and anger towards the Church. It was a dirty hidden family secret and he blamed the Church for his mother’s embarrassment. Polygamy does no good, it only destroys families.

    Again, thank you for your comments


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