Episode 82: Different Modern-Day Fundamentalist Groups

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James Harmston (TLC)

Winstone Blackmore of the Bountiful Group and some of his family.


Ron and Dan Lafferty on trial for Blood Atonement murder of their sister-in-law, Brenda Wright and her baby Erica.

  Join Lindsay as she covers an entire list of fundamentalist sects including The True and Living Church (TLC), The Bountiful Group, The School of the Prophets (Lafferty Brothers), Christopher Nemelka, and many, many more. Links and text mentioned and read in this podcast:

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  • Steven Retz


    2 Nephi 1:14 Awake! and arise from the dust, and hear the words of a trembling parent, whose limbs ye must soon lay down in the cold and silent GRAVE, FROM WHENCE NO TRAVELER CAN RETURN; a few more days and I go the way of all the earth.


  • Dan Strom


    Thanks for this podcast, it is very interesting! I’ve stayed with Roger Bil lings and his Church of Jes us Christ in Zio n. I can agree with Roger’s intelligence and entrpreneurial spirit. He leads 8+ small businesses, with the intent of changing the world, and gets free labor from those who follow him. They act in the capacity of “students” of the Instit ute of Science and Technology.

    He believes he is Christ, the One Mighty and Strong, though, according to the people there, that is something that you need to have revealed to you (though they will hint at it constantly). He claims Joseph Smith came to him reborn as a man, and revealed his identity to him. (he recounts this with tears regularly).

    When I was out there, there were around 150 members, most were Rogers wives and kids (I was surprised to hear the 1000+ number) and had about a dozen wives.

    He is very charismatic, but he can be mentally and physically abusive, and will punish followers who don’t follow the Spirit by his estimation. His punishments ostly slapping and yelling, but can be pretty severe. One punishment is to adopt wives from men in the group who he deems unworthy raise a family. Because his followers believe that Roger is Christ reborn, they will take whatever he dishes out, and even welcome the punishment, because the alternative is to be cast off forever. The few who have left, leave behind spouses and children with no hope of ever being re-united, because their loved ones still believe in Zion, and Roger will convince them that their family is under the influence of Satan, and Roger is protecting them from evil.

    I’m sorry that this sounds so negative, There really are many positive aspects of his group. But they are eclipsed by the manipulation and abuse. I think that he genuinely believes what he teaches, even that his punishments are meted out by the Spirit’s Righteous Anger. It would be potentially safe to visit his undergound facility in Independence, or any of his business facilities. Just don’t get drawn in by the positive vibes that everyone there has. They really are pure and wholesome people, it’s tragic that they are used like this.

    Anyway, feel free to email me if you have any questions.


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