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Year of Polygamy » Episode 186: Cults vs. Religions with Rachel Bernstein

Episode 186: Cults vs. Religions with Rachel Bernstein

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in Uncategorized

Join Lindsay as she interviews cult expert and therapist Rachel Bernstein, who was recently featured on the new Starz documentary, Seduced.

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    When confronted with unhealthy or manipulative dynamics in any environment, can you give advice about healthy ways to react? For example you listed several unhealthy systems of abuse present in cults of all kinds both religious and non religious including double standards, coercion, silencing of dissent, etc. Can you give us suggestions of how to confront each of these and other tactics when we see them? It takes practice to learn healthier ways to confront these abuses, especially when indoctrinated into a system that does not value dissent.


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