Episode 183: Talking With God, Part two

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Join Lindsay as she continues to talk with Aaron Sullivan about his experience seeing angels, talking to God, and having visions.

This is part two of one. Listen to part one here.

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  • Mark


    Sunday 6:20pm – part two seems to be gone from the various podcast services and I can’t get it to play here either.


  • Deb


    All of the three segments of Aaron’s interviews are stunning. I’ve listened to hundreds, approaching thousands, of Mormon-related podcasts, and this interview is the best of them. It transcends sectarian questions and teases out the psyche of religious visionaries, cult leaders, charismatics, and the like.
    The last half hour of this interview should be obligatory listening for all of humankind. Thank you so much, Lindsay and Aaron.


  • Aaron Sullivan


    Hi Deb,

    Thank you for your kind words. I’m sorry I missed this comment earlier.


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