Episode 183: Talking With God, Part Three

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Join Lindsay as she concludes her conversation with Aaron Sullivan, a successful computer engineer and Mormon man who once heard voices and talked to God.

Listen to part one here.

Listen to part two here.

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  • Jean Bodie


    Aaron, I would really like to connect with you about this topic; it has caused me a lot of grief during my years in the church.

    Please contact me.


  • Jay


    Pretty riveting stuff. You both seem like very nice people. I value that. Aaron, what a roller coaster for you. Mighty brave of you to share so candidly. So much to think about with what you’ve shared.

    Deception is so ever present in this life.

    I am a believer in God and Satan.

    Aaron, can you share with us the *extent*, as you remember, your messengers seen or unseen promoting the thinking, speaking and living Christ’s character / attributes and perfections in your life?

    Did your messengers promote the power and significance of Jesus as did An angel while conversing with Nephi did?

    Nephi was shown, amongst other things in a divine vision, the same tree of life that his Father saw. When asked if he knew what the tree of life represented—Nephi told the Angel it was the love of God that sheds itself abroad in a persons heart and that such a cause and affect was the most desirable thing to ones soul. The angel reaffirmed this by saying that it truly is the most joyous to ones soul.

    The theme of the scriptures tell us it is “life eternal to know God Father and his son Jesus Christ whom he has sent.”

    Jesus always deferred to his Father regarding any thing special he brought to the table. He who is love who is meek and lowly of heart kind and a humble servant of all was whole and perfectly strengthened in his life which was not with out difficulty For him .

    Know one escapes their own strenuous difficulty in this life. I have found that understanding and receiving the truths of Jesus in this life as it pertains to thinking and speaking and living to the best of “ones ability” —-that the promise of his “yoke being easy and his burden light, manifests. That all of this is the gift of seeking diligently and receiving through the grace merits and mercy through the atonement of a Jesus—-even a sanctification a rebirth through our Savior…

    The opposite of this is not the fruit of God’s promise or my witness as to how God and Jesus operate.

    Aaron, I too thank you for your vulnerability with the honesty in which you shared your experience. It would appear that the truths manifested in the life you lived (at least what you shared) during your the hearing and seeing times that your character was that of being critical of others and in judgement of others and that you were fairly puffed up etc?

    Sounds like you read a lot from sources in church history etc but to what extent did you hunger and thirst after righteousness through pouring over the scriptures to perfect yourself in Christ through faith in him unto repentance?

    God, would not have abandoned you— he would’ve made your experiences as he did for Job appear to him as gold and your devotion to he who is the epitome of love and peace would’ve remained.

    My brother, I believe you got hijacked from a source that is not what they claimed to be. Satan is the master deceiver. If he can not have us engaged in apparent sin then believing all is well or thinking that God does not exist etc is his game.

    More discussion needs to be had / understood as it pertains to your shared experiences.



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