Episode 182: The Atmosphere of Polygamy in Nauvoo

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Join Lindsay as she sits down with American historian and professor Benjamin Park about polygamy in Nauvoo and the atmosphere it created.

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  • Kathryn Telford


    I just love hearing these Podcasts! I’ve left some messages about another historical suggestion you can dig into, haven’t heard back from anyone, but you should contact me soon, before I’m gone! I know more than any history has, because efforts where made to make most of it disappear. But this part of our history has left it’s marks on our family, handed down through generations that began with the 3 murders of some of the most faithful men that ever lead the Saints into this Valley and sacrificed themselves in explorations and the settlement of both Mormonism and THIS being the Place. Someone please reply so I know this info has been recieved for possible subject matter. I’m direct descendent to the men involved and the only one of few left with the whole story and the truth of victims of Brigham’s Blood Atonement Principle.


  • Reba


    I’ve been reading Ben Park’s book. Enlightening and unsettling.
    Many myths, folklore, have been recorded by Anthropologists about how Women once (paraphrase) ruled the world but they made a mess of things and Men had to take over. It’s a common myth within societies of more primitive technologies. It’s worth looking into.


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