Episode 171: Fundamentalism and the Temple, Part Two

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Join Lindsay as she interviews two Mormon fundamentalists from Christ’s Church, about the history of the temple as it relates to Mormon Fundamentalism.

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  • Tom Bennett


    This is very fascinating. It’s awesome to see a church that has all the ordinances that have been revealed. I don’t see why any church should stop practicing an ordinance. Also a great expounding on eternal progression and 16 mins. I would be very interested in experiencing this church’s endowment or at least being able to know what it consists of. I like the idea of “holding priesthood in conjuction with husband” It would see that Heavenly Mothers would be queen and priestess as was said here.


  • Bliss Doubt


    I’m using all the volume I can get on my computer, and I can’t hear this podcast. The audio is very low.


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