Episode 152: Emma’s Church; RLDS to Community of Christ

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in Uncategorized, year of polygamy

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  • John Nichols


    sigh… i was hoping there would be transcript or story…


  • Diane Hatch


    In the podcast I heard Lindsay say something like “everyone believes they are going to be with their family when they die.” Nowadays everyone proclaims that. However, in the climate where the church emerged they did not proclaim that. Many churches claimed that people would have no knowledge of kinship or relationship in the next life. Thus the phrase till death do you part in the marriage ceremony. I went on a LDS mission in the seventies and even then people found it strange to believe you would recognize your family after death. It is in today’s everyone has to feel good climate of church attendance that other denominations say it is okay to believe that. Ironically I think there is a greater percent of people that feel worse in the everyone gets a trophy climate in which we live. Criticizing an organization also demands a great knowledge of history and context as well. However, overall, thank you for the podcast. I feel more enlightened about the RLDS


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