Episode 107: Election Made Sure

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  • Dario Alvarez


    Lindsay, can you provide me some articles or links to current church backing away from “We can be gods” doctrine? I was hoping to show this to someone who I’ve been discussing this. The essays still proclaim it as a core belief, and I’d like to be able to show this change. Great job on this episode.


  • Elder Van Halen


    Fascinating podcast Lindsay! Thanks so much for all the work you have produced including all the Year of Polygamy episodes. I have been in a slow burn faith transition for 10-15 years but only discovered FMH, Mormon Stories, The CES Letter, and other podcast sites in the last 18-months.

    These stories of polygamy. temple ceremonies, and working out your own salvation make me sick when I think of how boring and specific the mainstream Mormon message is. In the mainstream message, its about having the basic ordinances and then do all you can do before Christ’s atonement “may” save you. When you learn about the deeper hidden doctrines of the church, you learn about ordinances that are supposed to lock in your salvation, but its still based on you working out your personal salvation. I’m still learning and trying to separate myself from the church while staying married with a TBM wife that won’t engage in conversations or even read any materials outside of the Book of Mormon. It’s very lonely but I’m glad to have found the blogernacle community and appreciate your great work.


    Elder VH


  • Kenneth Shaw


    Love your work. You are amazing.


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