Year of Polygamy

Episode 126: Lorenzo Snow

Join Lindsay as she interviews John Hatch from Signature Books about the lives and wives of Lorenzo Snow. Links and texts mentioned in this podcast: Signature Books Juanita Brooks lecture Harold B. Lee Library info on Lorenzo Snow Chronological history

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Episode 125: The Succession Crisis

Join Lindsay as she talks with American historian Ben Park, John Hamer, and Danielle Mooney about the many leadership and priesthood splits in the Mormon movement.   Links mentioned in this episode: DEBATING SUCCESSION, MARCH 1846: JOHN E. PAGE, ORSON

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Episode 124: Tom Bennett, the One Mighty and Wrong

Join Lindsay as she interview musician Tom Bennett about his religious travels, his LDS mission, his brush with Mormon fundamentalism, and his spiritual visions and search for knowledge.     Links mentioned in this podcast: Tom Bennett’s band Tom’s music,

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Episode 123: The One Mighty and Strong Doctrine

  Join Lindsay as she and Mithryn discuss the One Mighty and Strong Doctrine. Bishop Edward Partridge details Ogden Kraut on the One Mighty and Strong 1905 Article, full text Letter from Joseph Smith to William W. Phelps, 1832-11-17, reprinted

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Episode 120: FLDS and Faithful, Part Two

  Join Lindsay as she interviews Christine Katas and Irene about the politics in the town, being FLDS, and religious discrimination. Links mentioned in this podcast: Listen to Part One first Episode explaining the background of the United Effort Plan

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