Episode 127: Update on Short Creek

pc: trent nelson/salt lake tribune

pc: trent nelson/salt lake tribune

Join Lindsay as she interviews Terrill Musser, one of the people involved in reforming Short Creek (the towns of Hildale, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona) about where the town is now and how residents are dealing with the aftermath of Warren Jeffs.     Links mentioned in this podcast:
  • Donate to TheFernFoundation.org
  • Reach out to Terrill on Facebook
  • Email Terrill Musser
  • Info from Terrill: “If folks want to help with our 4th of July celebration or to know more about it here is some info:
    This event is to bring family and friends back together to honor our great nation. This community event is also for friends and families to spend the day together. All are invited, come and have a happy fun day. Please be considerate of others with friendship, kindness and modesty. Looking forward to seeing you there. Event Funding Options: Cash App: $shortcreek OR PayPal: scfestivities@gmail.com OR https://www.gofundme.com/2017Celebration AND https://www.gofundme.com/July42017FireWorks
    Zion Helicopters tours and flights will be offering tours on the 4th of July from 1:00 pm until afternoon according to sales. For reservations for your flight please make an early contact at: Call Ashley, or Brooke at 435-668-4185,zionhelicopters@gmail.com Here is what they are offering: 8 mile flight min 2 passengers $40 per person appr. 5-10 min Zion Tour, 50 miles 30 min flight $180 per person https://www.facebook.com/ZionHelicopter/?hc_location=ufi
    We also have a community center and work with Cherished Family so if folks want to donate clothing or appliances or any living items you can use they can get donated there and then i distribute it to FLDS and NON FLDS it goes to the newly kicked out and the FLDS who have been abandoned.If people want to donate put them in touch with me and i will 100% make sure it goes to the families in need.
    If folks want to assist me in my healing journey they can email me at musser86@gmail.com or you could tell them how to help if people ask. We are trying to raise enough for my new chair and to keep my medicines going with how crazy the health care world is now days.

Episode 126: Lorenzo Snow

First_Presidency_and_Twelve_Apostles_1898-named Join Lindsay as she interviews John Hatch from Signature Books about the lives and wives of Lorenzo Snow. Links and texts mentioned in this podcast: Women married to Lorenzo Snow as plural wives:

Episode 122: Unforgivable: An Interview with Lawrence Barlow

123_1 Join Lindsay as she interviews Lawrence Barlow about being excommunicated or “sent away” from the FLDS church for “sins unforgivable.” Links mentioned in this podcast: Poem Lawrence Barlow mentioned: The Eternal Goodness