Year of Polygamy

Episode 165: The Handcart Companies

Join Lindsay as she interviews Joe Geisner about the Martin and Willie Handcart Company experience and how it relates to polygamy.   Links mentioned and read in this episode: Kirsten Erickson’s experience Brigham Young’s One Mighty and Strong Statement South

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Episode 163: The Dixie Wine Mission

Join Lindsay as she discusses the history of Utah’s “Dixie Wine Mission.” Links and articles mentioned and read this in this episode: Dennis R. Lancaster’s BYU Dissertation: Dixie Wine Mission A Frontier Life book about Jacob Hamblin History of John

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Episode 161: History of the Word of Wisdom

Join Lindsay as she covers the early history of the Mormon idea of the “Word of Wisdom.”   Links mentioned or read in this podcast: Clair Barrus’ research draft on Word of Wisdom History of the Word of Wisdom by

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Episode 160: Ross LeBaron and the Church of the First Born

Join Lindsay as she interviews researcher Antonio Trevisan about the life of eccentric prophet, Ross LeBaron. Links mentioned in this podcast: Trevisan’s website about Ross Fred Collier’s website Discussion about Tom Green’s trial at Sunstone Article on the Law of

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Episode 159: William Smith, Not Quite a Prophet

Join Lindsay as she and Bryan Buchanan discuss the life and shenanigans of William Smith, younger brother to Joseph Smith Jr. Links mentioned or discussed in this podcast: William B. Smith: In the Shadow of a Prophet Sisters of Joseph

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Episode 157: Black Mormons in Massachusetts

Join Lindsay as she speaks with Dr. Mica McGriggs and Dr. Gina Colvin to discuss the history of early black Mormons in Massachusetts and the development of Brigham Young’s ideas on race.     Links and sources mentioned and used

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