Year of Polygamy

Episode 177: The Curious Case of Chad Daybell

Join Lindsay as she speaks with two watchdogs of the AVOW movement, Sara Forsberg and Nathan Averett about the unfolding Chad Daybell case. This story and the disappearance of the people involved remains unsolved so all details are just a

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Episode 175: Remnant/Snuffer Updates

What is the Remnant (Snuffer) movement up to these days? A scripture and temple project and more? Join Lindsay as she discusses updates with two Remnant insiders about where the movement is today.

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Episode 174: Revenge Killings on the Frontier

Join Lindsay as she discusses the murders of Gentile (non-Mormon) men on the frontier who interfered with Mormon women. This post contains graphic descriptions of violence. Links mentioned in this podcast: The Butler Murder of April 1869: A Look at

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Episode 173: The Walker War

Join Lindsay as she discusses Mormon accounts of the Walker War with scholar Ryan Wimmer and how they affected the landscape of Mormon settlement. Links mentioned in this podcast: Ryan Wimmer’s article, The Walker War Reconsidered Utah Division of State

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