Episode 43: Historian Joe Geisner and Violent 1850’s Utah

Join Lindsay as she interviews historian Joseph Geisner about 1850’s Utah including stories about Bill Hickman and Porter Rockwell.  This episode contains strong themes of violence. This is part one of a two-part episode.

Episode 42: The Scandal of Soldiers, Wives, and Sex

steptoe TW: This podcast contains some discussions of rape. Join Lindsay as she discusses how women’s sexuality became the catalyst for a decade or more of Mormon violence, and the curious Victorian scandal involving Brigham Young’s daughter-in-law and a “Gentile” soldier. Links mentioned in this podcast:  

Episode 37: Polygamy and Winter Quarters

Join Lindsay as she discusses the preparation for the Saints to head West, their stay  in Winter Quarters, the organizations of Bishops and Wards, polygamous divorces and the trek West. Links mentioned in this podcast: