Year of Polygamy

Episode 100: The Final Episode

Join Lindsay as she records her final episode in the Year of Polygamy series. Part Two of this episode. Mormon historians talk about their personal views on Mormon polygamy: The Live Recording taped on June 27, 2015 at Writ &

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Episode 97: Messy Mormon Polygamy, Part 2

Join Lindsay as she discusses the way polygamy is still connected to the leadership and culture of the LDS church. Links mentioned in this podcast: The Private versus the Public David O. McKay : Profile of a Complex Personality by

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Episode 97: Messy Mormon Polygamy Pt. 1

Join Lindsay as she tells how the LDS church transitioned into the modern age and attempted to tie up the messy, loose-ends of plural marriage. This episodes features Sara Hanks telling the story of Amy B. Lyman. Links mentioned in

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Episode 94: Polygamy Controversies: John C. Bennett

Join Lindsay as she interviews historian Brian Hales about John C. Bennett, his reliability, and other controversial tales. This is part two in a four-part series of “Polygamy Controversies” that will air throughout the rest of the series.   Links

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