Year of Polygamy

Episode 111: The United Effort Plan

Join Lindsay as she interviews Jeff Barlow, the Executive Director of the UEP, and Shirlee Draper, a trustee of the UEP, about what is happening on the ground in Short Creek today, as the FLDS group breaks up. Articles for

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Episode 110: Mormon Independent, Moroni Lopez Jessop

  Join Lindsay as she interviews Mormon Fundamentalist Moroni Lopez Jessop, about his life as an indie-punk rock youth, living as a Latino Mormon Fundamentalist and polygamist, being a father, and former social worker.     Links mentioned in this episode:

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Episode 109: Three Wives of the Reformation

Join Lindsay as she tells the story of three women who married a prominent Utah business man, Brigham Young Hampton. Their lives and relationships were forged during the Mormon Reformation. Links or text mentioned or read in this episode: David

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Episode 108: Married to Warren Jeffs

Join Lindsay as she interviews Brielle Decker, one of two women who have escaped being married to FLDS prophet Warren Jeffs. Links and topics mentioned in this podcast: Kristyn Decker and Sound Choices Coalition Holding Out Help See who Brielle

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Episode 107: Election Made Sure

Join Lindsay as she talks about the history of the Second Anointing, the “Fullness of the Priesthood,” and the ties to Plural Marriage. Links mentioned and articles read in this podcast: The Fullness of the Priesthood: The Second Anointing in

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