Year of Polygamy

Episode 116: Frontier Massacres

    Join Lindsay as she interviews Joe Geisner on Frontier Utah violence and other violence in Mormonism. Links and text mentioned in this podcast: D. Michael Quinn The Culture of Violence In Joseph Smiths Mormonism w/ notes  D. Michael

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Episode 115: The Council of Fifty

Join Lindsay and she and Joe Geisner discuss the newly released Council of Fifty minutes. Links mentioned in this podcast: Previous podcasts Joe Geisner has been on. Council of Fifty Minutes D. Michael Quinn’s article on Violence and Joseph Smith

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Episode 114: Mountain Meadows Massacre

  This is a rebroadcast of a partnership interview recorded in 2014 with Mormon Expression and the FMH podcast. Lindsay and panelists discuss the events of the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Please enjoy this episode in conjunction with episode 113.

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Episode 113: Mormonsim and Mimetic Violence

Join Lindsay as she discusses the theories of mob psychology, mimetic violence, sacrifice, and how polygamous doctrine interacts with those theories.     Links mentioned in this podcast: Milgram experiment Violence and the Sacred by Rene Girard The Scapegoat by

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Episode 111: The United Effort Plan

Join Lindsay as she interviews Jeff Barlow, the Executive Director of the UEP, and Shirlee Draper, a trustee of the UEP, about what is happening on the ground in Short Creek today, as the FLDS group breaks up. Articles for

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Episode 110: Mormon Independent, Moroni Lopez Jessop

  Join Lindsay as she interviews Mormon Fundamentalist Moroni Lopez Jessop, about his life as an indie-punk rock youth, living as a Latino Mormon Fundamentalist and polygamist, being a father, and former social worker.     Links mentioned in this episode:

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