Year of Polygamy

Episode 197: Polygamy, Mormonism and Child Abuse

In this episode, Lindsay talks with Tim Kosnoff, an expert attorney on the issue of how attitudes surrounding 19th century polygamy prosecution mirror those of clergy shield laws today. Tim has practiced law for forty years as a prosecutor, defense

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Episode 193: Mormon Fundamentalism and Race

Join Lindsay as she interviews Mormon Fundamentalist Moroni Jessop about the issue of race, priesthood restriction and prejudice within Mormon fundamentalism. Moroni discusses his own experiences being a POC within Mormonism, the history of the priesthood ban, and how DNA

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Episode 192: Never Going Back on Faith

Join Lindsay as she interviews Faith Bistline about growing up in the FLDS. The two discuss the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade and how both women see parallels to their own upbringings. This episode discusses abortion and reproductive rights

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Episode 191: King Benjamin and a Tale of the AUB

Join Lindsay as she interviews TikTok star Benjamin Brown (The Fresh King Benjamin) about his life and childhood growing up in the AUB. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS PODCAST: Follow Ben on TikTok Join Fresh King Benjamin’s email list DONATE TO

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Episode 190: When Mormons Radicalize

For the first time ever, Fundamentalist Ben Shaffer tells the horrific story of how his brother, Samuel Shaffer radicalized into a dark brand of Mormon fundamentalism, eventually landing him in jail. On the heels of the Lafferty story and largely

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Episode 189: Mormons and Missouri

More and more Mormons and Latter-day Saints are moving or “gathering” in Missouri. Lindsay interviews Mormon Fundamentalist Moroni Jessop about this movement to gather in Missouri and details the history of Mormonism in the state.

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