Year of Polygamy

Episode 191: King Benjamin and a Tale of the AUB

Join Lindsay as she interviews TikTok star Benjamin Brown (The Fresh King Benjamin) about his life and childhood growing up in the AUB. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS PODCAST: Follow Ben on TikTok Join Fresh King Benjamin’s email list DONATE TO

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Episode 190: When Mormons Radicalize

For the first time ever, Fundamentalist Ben Shaffer tells the horrific story of how his brother, Samuel Shaffer radicalized into a dark brand of Mormon fundamentalism, eventually landing him in jail. On the heels of the Lafferty story and largely

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Episode 189: Mormons and Missouri

More and more Mormons and Latter-day Saints are moving or “gathering” in Missouri. Lindsay interviews Mormon Fundamentalist Moroni Jessop about this movement to gather in Missouri and details the history of Mormonism in the state.

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Episode 187: The 19th Wife

Ann Eliza Webb Dee Young Denning was married for a time to Brigham Young. After a tumultuous experience with Mormonism, she left the territory and wrote an expose titled, “Wife No. 19, or The Story of a Life in Bondage,” about her

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Episode 184: The Winder Family

Join Lindsay as she interviews a plural family about their faith, their experiences on the reality TV show, Seeking Sister Wife and what it’s like to live polygamy in the modern day.

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Episode 183: Talking With God, Part Three

Join Lindsay as she concludes her conversation with Aaron Sullivan, a successful computer engineer and Mormon man who once heard voices and talked to God. Listen to part one here. Listen to part two here.

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