Episode 35: Interracial Polygamy and Lamanite Marriages

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in year of polygamy

  Join Lindsay as she interviews historian Russell Stevenson about Interracial marriage in Winter Quarters and the rumored “Lamanite Marriages.” They also talk about the ordained “Lamanite Prophet” William McCary. Links mentioned in the podcast:

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  • C P


    This podcast wasn’t about plural marriages with the Lamanite women, this was about William McCary and Blacks and the Priesthood in the early days of the Church. You should re-title this podcast accordingly.


  • CP


    I may be wrong, bot from some of your comments you seem to come across with unbelief that the “Lamanites” can become a “white and delightsome” people. I guess the problem is that many people only think of the Lamanites as the North American Indians, remember that all of Latin America are also Lamanites, and the majority of the people of Latin America have Spanish surnames. Since God works by natural means it is no wonder that many Latin American people are becoming “white”. From the time that the European explorers came to the Americas and began to mingle their bloodlines with the natives the “curse” began to be lifted.


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