Episode 70: Going Underground

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in year of polygamy

  Join Lindsay as she discuss the stories of two women, Eliza Jacobsen and Ida Hunt Udall and their experiences on the “Mormon Underground.”   Links and text mentioned and read in this podcast:

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  • Kari


    Hey! Lamb Days! Fountain Green! Me too!


  • Julie


    I just finished reading a biography about my polygamous ggg-grandfather. He was one of the men who went into hiding for several years, leaving his wives to fend for themselves. Unfortunately (and unsurprisingly), the book talked mostly about how it affected him, but not so much about his wives and children. After the Manifesto, he claimed to only live with his first wife (my ggg-grandmother was the second wife), but it sounds like he still had fairly regular contact with his kids and grandkids. I have really mixed feelings about the whole situation and wish I had more information about his wives. Time for me to do some research. . .


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