Prelude: Emma Smith, Part Two

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in year of polygamy

Image result for emma smith Join Lindsay as she interviews historian John Hamer about the life of Emma Smith. Part two of two.  

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  • Heather


    This is the second time I have listened to these episodes about Emma. What an amazing woman! Now I understand better the history of the RLDS/Community of Christ, as I grew up with members of the RLDS in Iowa. How I wish that the LDS had kept the gift of priesthood that Joseph bestowed on Emma. Lindsay, sending lots of light and love your way from this ELCA Lutheran Pastor in SE Nebraska. Blessings on your ministry as a “Public Historian.” And thank you, John Hamer!


  • Shawn Larrabee


    I’m struggling with the fact that Emma denied that Joseph practiced polygamy when she was interviewed by Joseph III just before she died. Was this intentionally left out of these episodes? Thank you


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