Episode 126: Lorenzo Snow

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in year of polygamy

First_Presidency_and_Twelve_Apostles_1898-named Join Lindsay as she interviews John Hatch from Signature Books about the lives and wives of Lorenzo Snow. Links and texts mentioned in this podcast: Women married to Lorenzo Snow as plural wives:

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  • Ganesh


    I really enjoyed this podcast. May I ask why there was not any discussion about Phoebe Amelia Woodruff?

    Since her father was an Apostle (future president) was her marriage unusual? Was this a dynastic coupling or an example of friends marrying each others daughters?

    And is it odd that the 5th President of the Church is the son in law of the 4th President of the Church?


  • BeckyB


    Phoebe Woodruff is my 2nd Great Grandmother. I was sad not to hear her name spoken in this podcast, but happy to find her listed here in the footnotes. She is basically a ghost, that is never mentioned in any church lesson or history. My family has always been proud to claim Lorenzo but it is almost as if his wife did not even exist. I don’t know much about her but I do know some. I know that she was just barely 17 when she married Lorenzo Snow. I know she didn’t know him personally other than that he was her father’s close friend. She lived most of her life without a husband. She supported herself and her children by being a midwife. At 48, because of the Manifesto, Lorenzo distanced himself from her and her children. My G. Grandfather was pretty bitter about how they were treated, but Phoebe stayed faithful to the church until she died 20 years later. I wish we knew more about these women. Thank you for making an effort to tell their stories.


  • DB Cooper


    Could you please tell us where we could find a copy of that letter that John read which was from from Snow to one of his young wives? As John pointed out, it sounds like a nice regular affectionate letter from a husband to a wife, until you consider the context that it was from a man in his 50s to a teenage girl who was his 9th or 10th wife.


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