Episode 123: The One Mighty and Strong Doctrine

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in year of polygamy

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  • The One Mighty and Wrong


    Behold I shall send one unto you who is Mighty and Wrong. He shall be a fool and shall make laughter unto thy seriousness. He shall condemn the black drink of death ;)


  • Tom Bennett


    This is a very fascinating topic in Mormonism. I’m enjoying listening to this right now. It would seem to me that “The One” would rise up to his calling through some method outside the protocol of a church calling, being that he is called to set in order a defective system.

    I’m curious to see what it is that is defective. Many would say the turning away from the higher laws of United Order and Plural Marriage, some would say the financial dealings of the Church, others would say the Church’s involvement in political affairs. It’s hard to say, it’s tough to imagine any Church would be perfectly in order even being led by revelation.

    I love reading of all the various characters who claim to be “The One” Unfortunately any faith built on the idea that one can be righteous can give rise to some amazing egos as well. I imagine this “One” will not willing rise up saying “here I am” it’s too great a task that’s expected.

    Hopefully he will be one that can bring greater understanding and love and help end the great judgements that the religions of the world heap upon one another. We could all benefit from one like this.


  • Ivanum


    From the time of the early Roman Empire until today, it has always been the state that has punished real polygamy as a crime, and a rather serious crime at that. Only in the later Middle Ages did real polygamy also become a serious spiritual offense, eventually punished simultaneously by the church courts and the Inquisition and with no sympathy for claims of double jeopardy.


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