Episode 113: Mormonsim and Mimetic Violence

Written by Lindsay Hansen Park on . Posted in Uncategorized, year of polygamy

Image result for mormon sacrifice Join Lindsay as she discusses the theories of mob psychology, mimetic violence, sacrifice, and how polygamous doctrine interacts with those theories.     Links mentioned in this podcast:

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  • Heather Brown


    This is the most honest, sincere and transparent podcast I have listened to so far (and I’ve listened to everything so far). I am a Lutheran pastor in SE Nebraska who lives near the Mormon Trail. Your podcast has helped me deepen my understanding of Mormon history. Thank you for your devotion to this important series! I feel like at the end of this, I should receive a certificate in “Mormon History/Feminist Studies.” Let me know if this is possible. Way to go!


  • VideoPortal


    The Hales response to the Van Allens has some good points, but also statements that come across as personal attack. As a result, it weakens the argument, and clearly did nothing to offer any soothing balm to those that might similarly struggle with, or outright reject, the doctrine of Polygamy.


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