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Carol Lynn Pearson and Lindsay Hansen Park want to hear your stories! We are developing a permanent archive to document the damage done by current LDS teachings regarding polygamy and the inequality of the sealing practices. How have these affected you or your family?


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  • Maggie Rayner


    “In Polygamy’s Shadow: From a Mormon Childhood to a Life of Choice” – my memoir, is available on Amazon


    • Genie Buckpitt


      At the age of fourteen, I learned that early leaders of the Church had lived polygamy. We discussed the issue for several lessons, and then I learned that in the future, faithful members of the Church who are headed to the Celestial Kingdom will be required to live polygamy. Many quotes from Brigham Young were evidence that no one could be part of that Kingdom without living polygamy.

      My heart was pierced with sorrow. From the time I was about ten years old, all I had wanted was to get married and have children. But my lifeview never included sharing my husband. This doctrine continued to trouble me for the next thirty five years. When I was twenty-seven years old, I decided to have an affair, to show my domineering husband what it feels like to have to sexually share a spouse. He is a convert to the Church, and when he found out that he was going to have multiple wives, he was ecstatic.

      In our first few years of marriage, he sometimes fantasized out loud about what it would be like to have sex with me, and with another wife in the same bed at the same time. I was sickened. He talked about how he would keep all his wives in the same house, giving each one a room for his convenience. He looked forward to the power and the variety. He actually told me, “sometimes you like apples, and sometimes you want a peach, variety is good.”

      I hated it. I tried talking to my bishop about it, and he just smiled and chuckled a little wryly and told me it was silly for me to worry about something that would not take place in this life, unless the Church began commanding it, or if Jesus Second Coming were to take place in my lifetime.

      I poured my heart out to God over and over again. I also was a woman who asked God, “why do you love your sons more than your daughters?” I was heartbroken, and I did not believe God loved me.

      It did not occur to me that the Church might not be true, or that Joseph Smith may have instituted it on his own, or that Satan might have been behind it. I talked a little to some of my friends, but most of my LDS friends seemed to support it. One of my friends told me, “Just think of the glory that will come upon your husband!”

      We were sealed in the temple in 1977. At that time, women covenanted to obey their husbands. I balked, not wanting to commit to something I was not sure I could do. I wondered why my husband had the privilege of obeying God, but I had to obey him!

      Now I am 58 years old. I am still married to the same man, and we have been married for 40 years. I am still a member in name only in the Church, but I no longer believe it is God’s Church. I do not believe God has established a specific Church on the earth. I believe God’s Church consists of those who believe in Him and obey Him and love Him. I no longer believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet, nor Brigham Young, nor any of the other presidents of the Church, including Thomas Monson.

      Now that I no longer believe in the Church, it is easy to see the flaws in it. It has crumbled before my eyes. I have not told my elderly parents or my daughters that I no longer believe in the Church, the Mormon scriptures, such as the B of M, D&C, PoGP, Articles of Faith. I believe in God, and in Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. I pray to know the truth and I am much happier. I have considered leaving the Church, but I do not do so, because it would break my parents hearts. They would believe I would go to Hell.

      Believe me when I tell you that I have always believed that living polygamy would be worse than living in Hell. I would have thrown away my salvation based on a false doctrine. How many lives have been destroyed because of this?


    • Christine DeSpain Schroeder


      I left the church 30 years ago and have been punished by my family all this time. One of the principles I could not accept was the principle of polygamy bothe in Joseph Smith’s time and on into eternity. I have much to say about all this and am writing a book myself.


  • Linda Gale


    This is a sealing story but not polygamy.
    In 1971 I was single and pregnant and lost my baby to adoption through LDS Social Services. That was right during the Baby Scoop Era something every feminist should know about but few do. Through pressure and no help I signed that vile paper and lost any and all rights in a heartbeat. So another woman was later sealed to my son. The Mormon Church still coerces young women into giving up their babies so a more worthy woman can have a child. I no longer believe I have lost my firstborn eternally. It is wrong to separate a mother and her baby. I don’t accept the sealing of my son to someone else. Just another place the Mormon Church is off track. Left the Church 25 years ago and every day I am more relieved. If you care about injustice maybe you should look into this.


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